Are you a refugee or asylum seeker? Are you interested in studying at our university? We hope that this website is helpful for you.  

We appreciate your interest in studying at our university, and would like to support you on your way to becoming one of us. At Clausthal University of Technology, refugees and asylum seekers are very welcome!

Below you will find a brief collection of general information regarding studying at Clausthal University of Technology.

Are refugees allowed to study in Germany?

As a basic principle, refugees are allowed to study at a higher education institution, especially if they are recognized refugees, i.e., they have sought asylum or been awarded refugee protection, etc. The same also applies to people who have not yet completed the asylum procedure or who have been granted "exceptional leave to remain" (in German: Duldung) status.

Admission to TU Clausthal

Direct Admission
For admission to TU Clausthal, international applicants need a certificate of their higher secondary education. If this international certificate is accepted as an equivalent to a German certificate, the applicant (after taking the DSH, TestDaF or an equivalent German language exam) can be admitted directly to the study program.

Applicants whose higher secondary education certificates are not equivalent may receive direct admission if they – depending on their country of birth and prior school education – provide evidence of one or two successfully completed academic years in their home country.

Indirect Admission
Applicants with a higher education entrance certificate which is only partially comparable to a German one must take an entrance exam at the Studienkolleg (Preparatory School) before acceptance to the study program. The Studienkolleg for all Lower Saxony universities is located at the Leibniz Universität Hannover. To prepare for this exam, a 2-semester preparation course is offered which can be taken after passing an entrance exam.  Registration for the one-year preparation course at the Studienkolleg is carried out through TU Clausthal, where applicants must also send their application documents.

Knowledge of the German Language

For refugees with direct or indirect university admission, having sufficient knowledge of the German language is an important prerequisite for successful study. In the same way that other international students need to prove their eligibility, refugees must also be able to furnish proof of their language level in German. Exception: Four Master’s Programs at TU Clausthal are taught in English; knowledge of German is not required but highly recommended.

At the International Center Clausthal (IZC), in cooperation with partners, intensive courses are offered which prepare students for their studies at TU Clausthal. These courses require a fee.

Applying to TU Clausthal

TU Clausthal offers degree programs on Bachelor’s and Master’s levels mainly in the field of engineering. Most programs are taught in German, and only four Master Programs are taught in English; please take a close look at the programs offered (see additional information on the right).

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