It is recommended that students organize living arrangements in Clausthal as early as possible, because furnished accommodation, especially, is not always immediately available. Students are advised to begin the application process at least three months before they are expected to arrive, if possible. In regards to late applications, appropriate accommodation can unfortunately not be guaranteed, especially in the student dormitories.   

There are different possibilities to live in Clausthal. Students could apply to live in a room in one of the student residence halls or look for accommodation through a private apartment market.    

Student Residence Halls
The Studentenwerk OstNiedersachsen is responsible for the distribution of rooms. If you are interested in one of these rooms, you must apply there directly. 

The cost for a room in one of our halls is on average between 190,- € and 330,- € monthly, depending on the type of room. The rooms are furnished; however, students must bring their own bedding as well as dishes and cutlery or these items can be purchased in any store. Additionally, a security deposit in the amount of 300,- € to 400,- € is required. This amount will be refunded upon your departure; a room inspection is conducted to ensure that the room is still in good condition.    

Private Accommodation
Students can also look for an apartment through a private apartment market. These apartments or rooms are often unfurnished. The most popular choice is a privately shared apartment (known as a Wohngemeinschaft, or WG), in which multiple students share a large apartment, but each has his or her own room. The kitchen and bathroom(s) are shared and the rent divided amongst the tenants.  

More tips on apartment searches and much more information about living in a shared apartment or in a single apartment can be found under the websites listed below.

We strongly advise students to organize accommodation before they arrive in Clausthal! Otherwise, there is a possibility that you will need to reside in a hotel, a vacation rental or a boarding house for the first few days or even up to a week (see links). These types of accommodation could lead to much higher costs for you, as they are significantly more expensive than student housing.

Vacation rental
without meals:
starting from 40 € per apartment/ night/
2 persons
Hotel with breakfast:starting from 36 € per person/ night in
double room
Boarding house with breakfast:

ranging from 22 – 40 € per person/ night in double room