Intercultural Competence

At TU Clausthal, people from many different cultures study and work together. Therefore, the university represents an experimental field for a multinational cohabitation. In order to assist students with their acquisition of intercultural competence, the IZC offers many seminars, workshops and events in the area of intercultural communication.

Intercultural competence seminars/Intercultural training
In these seminars and workshops, students experience intercultural differences in international groups and can practice their intercultural communication skills. The “Intercultural Competence” seminars have been accepted as a mandatory elective in some study programs. These seminars are offered in German and English.

International roundtable
The IZC organizes an international roundtable (Internationaler Stammtisch) where German and international students discuss current issues in a relaxed atmosphere. This intercultural roundtable takes place every two weeks.
Regular attendance at the international roundtable is mandatory for participants in a language tandem who would like to acquire ECTS points.

CertIC – Certificate of Intercultural Competence

With the certificate »CertIC«, you can certify your intercultural competence if

  • you have participated in one of our free workshops or seminars on intercultural competence (see above) and
  • you have gathered intercultural experience and/or
  • you are involved in a cultural exchange.

Various components are required in order to obtain this certificate. These components will be listed on a process slip, which you can download here.


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