Food & Grocery Shopping

Even though Clausthal is a relatively small city, there is a multitude of well-stocked supermarkets of well-known chains. These supermarkets can be found at Ostbahnhof, heading towards Goslar, as well as in the Osteröder Straße.

Downtown, along the Adolph-Roemer-Straße, there is a row of various shops. There, you will find just about all the everyday necessities you will need. 

In the district of Zellerfeld, from May until October, the traditional farmer’s market is open, where typical Harz delicacies, entertainment, souvenirs and music are on offer.  

Daily, the cafeteria and café offer students and faculty members good-quality food and drinks at a low price. Among the choices are salads, soups, vegetarian dishes as well as meat and fish dishes.  

The University shop has different TU Clausthal merchandise on sale, from T-Shirts to key chains to pens.