Please check on the website of Germany’s Federal Foreign Office if you require a visa for your stay and how you can apply for it. Please consider that processing a visa application can take a long time.

Whether you are required to be in possession of a visa prior to entering Germany, and which type of visa you need, depends on

  • your citizenship
  • the duration of your stay
  • the reason of your stay

If you would like to study at TU Clausthal or complete a language course, please do not travel with a tourist visa. You should inquire about the appropriate visa to study in Germany.

Citizens of European Union member states as well as citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland may come to Germany without a visa. You are solely required to have a valid official ID card or passport.

You apply for a visa at a German embassy or a German consulate in your home country. The website of the German Federal Foreign Office lists all contact details of the embassy or consulate responsible for you. It also provides information on applying for a visa and on the documents to be submitted. You can find it here.

Please acknowledge that the International Center Clausthal can not answer any of your questions regarding the visa process. Please contact the resonsible German embassy or consulate directly. The TUC can not in any way influence or speedup the visa process.

In order to obtain a visa, you must prove that you can manage your studies financially. You can prove it in the form of proof of income from your parents, a security amount in a blocked account, a bank guarantee or a recognised scholarship. Ask the German embassy or consulate in your country about the conditions.

Many international students use a blocked account to prove their finances. The amount of money transferred will be blocked until entry. It is important to request the documents in good time. The completed forms as well as a a copy of your passport must be certified at the German mission in your country. After your arrival in Germany you will receive a debit card with which you can withdraw the money.

A few examples for providers of blocked accounts can be found on the right side under "links". Of course there are many more providers of blocked accounts so please research by yourself which one is best for you.