Language Tandem

If you are interested in the language and culture of other countries, you can sign up for a language tandem in the International Center Clausthal (IZC). The IZC will set up contact between the interested parties who will thereupon be able to begin a language partnership.

What is a language tandem?
In a language tandem, two students with different native languages work together in order to:

  • learn each other’s native languages
  • learn more about the culture and country of their partner
  • exchange knowledge and experience.

Learning in a language tandem is based on partnership learning as well as self-determined learning. The process of a language tandem is determined by the individual needs and opportunities of the partners.

How does a language tandem work?
The language partners determine their learning objectives and methods together. There is a wide variety of possibilities to hold a language tandem. Here are just a few suggestions. The partners can discuss everyday activities, a film or a book, or current events over a cup of coffee. They can stimulate a job interview or even cook traditional cuisine together. Furthermore, they may also study together by reviewing material from their university classes or do various vocabulary building exercises while taking a walk together. The possibilities are endless.

How do I benefit?
Compared to the situation in traditional language lessons, authentic conversations between two equal partners in a language tandem take place. The informal learning environment makes learning a foreign language easier. Since each partner is speaking a foreign language respectively, there is no need to feel embarrassed. Furthermore, it enables open discussions and conversations based on individual and shared interests of the partners. Throughout the tandem, each partner can be seen as an expert for their native tongue and culture. In the best case scenario, a friendship will develop out of the language tandem which transcends language, geographical and cultural boundaries.

In some study programs, successful completion of a language tandem will be accredited as Social Competence with 2 ECTS points per semester. Further details are available in the IZC.

If you have decided to participate in a language tandem, please send us your registration form, specifying your language choice and desired duration in the tandem. The registration form can be found on this website under Downloads.

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