German Language Courses

Our regular German language courses include the following areas of study:

  • General German language courses from levels A1 to C1 for LLP/ERASMUS students as well as visiting scholars
  • Deutsch jede Woche anders
    Topics: Films, Grammar, German culture, Literature, Listening comprehension, Pronunciation, Writing

Participation requirements
All students and university staff can attend our German language courses, except for intensive courses, free of charge. If you are not a registered student, you may participate as a guest student for a small fee.

Placement test
If you have not attended a German language course at Clausthal University of Technology yet, you musttake part in a placement test (exception: beginners with no previous German language skills). The placement test takes place on the first Wednesday in the semester at 5:00 p.m. (registration via StudIP).

Registration procedure
After the results of the placement test have been announced, you may register for the respective course on StudIP.

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