At the moment, there are no TOEIC 4-Skills tests scheduled.

If you have any questions about the test, please contact Jessica Schulze-Bentrop (

If you are interested in taking the TOEIC® 4Skills, please contact Jessica Schulze-Bentrop for information about registration, payment and test dates.

Dr. Hakan Gür offers a preparation course “English for International Commerce – TOEIC Preparation” every semester.

With more than 5 million test candidates annually, the TOEIC® (Test of English for International Communication) is known as the most taken test for Business English. Over 5,000 companies worldwide use the TOEIC® to assess their employee’s language skills. Moreover, universities have implemented the TOEIC® as an admission exam to study certain degrees or as language certification, for instance, for application purposes after completion of studies.

Test Format:

Non-incremental placement test (no pass-or-fail system) Internet based (passive and active skills)

Language Level:

A1-C1 in accordance with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)


  • Listening - 100 multiple choice questions in response to audio prompts
  • Reading - 100 multiple choice questions using single or multiple texts
  • Speaking - 11 speaking tasks: opinion expression, solution proposal, etc.
  • Writing - 8 writing tasks: opinion essay, email draft, picture description

Test Length:   
3 hours 20 minutes testing time plus 30 minutes for biographical questions and a minimal 30 minute break – Listening & Reading and Speaking & Writing may be taken separately on the same day.  

With TOEIC®, you can prove that you have the appropriate English proficiency to work in an international environment. Therefore, the TOEIC® is a wise addition to your degree.

The Language Center of IZC is an accredited test center of TOEIC®. This means, you are able not only to prepare for this world renowned language test in our courses and workshops specially geared towards the participants’ needs, but also to take the test here in Clausthal.

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