Erasmus+ Personnel Mobility (STT)


The Erasmus+ Personnel Mobility program offers non-academic staff members of TU Clausthal the opportunity to visit a Erasmus+ university in order, among other things, to exchange experience and expand language skills and intercultural competence. The overall goal is developing and strengthening collaboration with the partner university and the further internationalization of TU Clausthal.

Opportunities of Erasmus+ Personnel Mobility: 

  • Hospitations
  • Job shadowing
  • Study visits
  • participation in workshops and seminars
  • participation in language courses

The duration of stay last at least two days and no more than two months. A minimum duration of five days is recommended.

Advantages of an Erasmus+ stay:

  • Stay on the basis of a coordinated programm
  • Professional exchangeand new persepctives
  • Strengthening your own skills
  • Expansion and deepening of networks

There should be a general willingness to accommodate a visitor in return.

Naturally, we are also personally available to answer any further questions. 


Bettina Sekler

Room: 1
Graupenstraße 11
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

+49 (0)5323/ 72-2231
+49 (0)5323/ 72-3939

Consultation hours:

By appointment only


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