Doctoral Degree


Students may earn a doctorate in all branches of study offered at TU Clausthal. Here, a doctorate is an individual research paper written under the guidance of a professor (doctoral advisor). Depending on the branch of study, the duration of a doctorate can last between 3 and 5 years.

Interested persons should outline their research project and send this, together with their résumé, to the professor. The documents will then be examined and a decision will be made whether the opportunity to earn a doctorate at TU Clausthal is possible.

At our university, doctoral work can – as a general rule – be completed in either German or English. The language requirements, the mandatory level of German language skills and the desired language of the doctorate should all be clarified with the respective faculties.

Available positions for doctoral candidates will additionally be posted on TU Clausthal’s website. These can be found under this Link.

Prerequisites for a doctoral degree at TU Clausthal

  • A university degree, equivalent to that of a master’s degree, with a grade point average (GPA) of good (B) or very good (A)
  • Having studied a degree program for at least 5 years which was completed with an independent research project or thesis paper


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