Early on in their studies, students should consider the possibility of going abroad. Some questions to ask oneself include the following:

  • Which country do I find interesting?
  • Which foreign languages can I already speak, or rather, which ones would I like to learn?
  • Would I rather study abroad or gain some practical experience?
  • How long should I plan to stay abroad?  

Along with these questions, the following considerations should also be kept in mind:

  • Going abroad should normally not be extended the duration of studying.
  • A preparation period of 6 to 9 months should be planned, depending on the degree program and university (an internship takes less time).
  • The question of financing the stay abroad is crucial.

Please note:
Students who would like to travel abroad must first take part in a group consultation. These group meetings take place once a month. To look at our current dates, please click here

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