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Professional English courses


In an ever increasing globalized working world, it is vital to have excellent English language skills. In our professional English courses, you will acquire the skills necessary for successful employment in an international environment.  

Wirtschaftsenglisch (B2 – 2 SWS)
This course  focuses on typical professional language activities: participating in and leading meetings, introducing oneself and one’s colleagues or business partners, small talk, telephoning, arranging and postponing appointments, taking minutes of meetings as well as composing other brief documents (letters, faxes, emails etc.).
The participants are required to put together a portfolio which includes a learning report, researching and summarizing business-oriented texts and podcasts, a glossary of at least 200 business terms and any additional documents or activities done for class.

English for International Commerce (C1 – 3 SWS)
This course builds upon the course Wirtschaftsenglisch and prepares students for the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC).
The test assesses whether the candidate can successfully use common Business English language in everyday professional situations. This could include numerous contexts, such as conducting negotiations, participating in and leading meetings, executing business trips, holding telephone conversations and writing reports, just to name a few.
Working with the online language-learning software TELL ME MORE® is a further requirement of this course. With this software, students can practice their English language skills in a no-time-pressure and comfortable atmosphere from any location and at any time. To successfully complete this course, students must accomplish 14 hours of language practice using this software.  

Presentation Skills in English (B2 – 2 SWS)
In this course, students will learn everything about holding presentations in English in front of colleagues and customers. Students will practice useful expressions and receive tips and strategies for successful presentations. Furthermore, students will broaden their intercultural knowledge by looking at different ways - in reference to cultures – to give presentations.
Information about the participation requirements, graded certificates, the placement test as well as the registration procedure can be found under: English


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